Business Consultant, Speaker & Facilitator

Markitects’ core purpose is to maximize your profits -- that's our reason for existence. We do this by using the most relevant consulting business models to best analyze your situation, and thus offers you the best market-driven solutions for your profit creation. This competency is also reflected in the most relevant, up-to-date training programmes, offering unique synergistic leadership in consulting, training and your conference keynote addresses. 

Ian Rheeder is one of those unusual marketers who can truly say that he’s a business consultant, speaker, trainer and strategy facilitator. The benefit of hiring someone with experience across these interrelated disciplines, is you get someone who knows what he’s talking about – not just the “fluff & stuff”. Ian has lectured at leading business schools since 2003. His talks are motivational because he leaves you with rational solutions – not just emotional hype. So if you’re looking for immediate buy-in from the board, then let Markitects be an extension of your company’s business objectives and a gateway to your profitability. View Ian's Deadliest Marketing and Leadership Sins: After interviewing 650 leaders, Ian's TEC Leadership System is in its 9th year of research.

TEC Leadership System (neuroscience based model)

Leadership is all about Trust, Engagement & hard Competencies. 



After four years of research Ian published his TEC Leadership System in Leadership (July, 2012). Ian is a prolific writer and is widely published.

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